Saturday, February 16, 2013

Best marketing pitch for the App Store: choosing the right words

Most of App Store Marketers tell you to put up quotes at the start of your app pitch. But since you are writing your first pitch, you have no reviews yet and it's going to be just plain text.

As we stated in a previous post, most shoppers won't read your text, so you better say what you have to say really quick. But how should you structure your pitch? And which words should you use and which ones should you avoid?

How to structure your pitch?

- A first sentence that summarizes exactly what you app does and the added value it brings to the user. Remember the umbrella principle, your app main feature should be crystal clear. If you want a good indicator that it works: even a 10 year old must understand it.

- Put your app in its context, be concrete: in which case, should you use it? At work? At home? In a boat? Be precise.

Don't write a too long pitch: Be concise

- Then explore the various features of your app. The best way to do it is to follow the most common user case. Otherwise describe what makes your app truly different.

- Saving time, money or Willy is always good so don't forget to put upfront positive effects included in your app.

- Since most readers won't spend too much time reading, do not write long sentences, use short ones. And use them with bullets as often as possible, they are easier to catch when scrolling down a text.

Which words should you use? 

- Personalize as much as you can: avoid words such as "user", "individual" and so on. Prefer the "you".

- Avoid technical words, remember the ipad (or iphone) user is not an app developer.

- Some studies have shown that buyers respond more to some words than others. Words such as "new", "discover", "now", "instantly" etc. should be preferred wherever possible.

Some words can be confusing for the shopper

If you want to know more about persuasive words, I suggest you read this article from Jonathan Farrington's blog, a famous sales coach.

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