Thursday, February 21, 2013

Best marketing pitch for ipad app : Are quotes any useful?

"Best meeting report iPad app ever"

"Meeting notes on iPad have never been that easy with iTakeNotes" 
"Best Meeting Minutes iPad App Award Winner"
Sounds familiar? If you've been shopping around the App Store, you've probably noticed that quotes are just everywhere.  I looked over in productivity apps, 5 out of 20 app pitches were starting with quotes.

Well, most of the App Store marketing specialists tell you that you need to give quotes because shoppers are looking for social proof. And putting quotes first is a good way to give shopper a virtual "certificate".

Shoppers want quotes to avoid bad surprises

The web is full of junk and so is the App Store even if Apple is checking who's showing up. We are all looking for a recommendation from someone, either customer reviews or "media" quotes.

Following the same phenomenon you have for restaurants or hotels, iPad and iPhones magazines both online and at the newsstand have appeared almost everywhere.


Because we don't want to spend money on something that's not worth it. But the issue I am not comfortable with is the same issue we find all over the web, from TripAdvisor to Amazon:

Fake reviews and fake quotes

Yes fake reviews are everywhere now

Yes there is a business of paying for reviews and getting supposedly independent reviews. I don't say that all reviewer sites and magazines are not sincere but there is a fair share of that market which is corrupted.

And it's going to be more and more difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.  This is the reason why I believe that quotes are likely to become less and less effective unless you are able to quote a review from an unquestionable brand, which will be difficult to find.

Rather than presenting your app like if it was a broadway show, I would rather not use quotes unless they are really worth showing.

Instead refine your first sentence, the one that makes the difference, make it sounds true about your app: what does it bring to the user? What is the pay off? In conclusion I would say:

Be true, it will eventually pay off

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